I am just a simple southern girl living the life. Its not glamorous but its perfectly me... full of fun and everyday moments.

Living, loving and cherishing the beauty and simplicity of now with what matters most.

GOD IS GOOD. I know this because I’m simply saved “by his Grace alone”… Redeemed & Renewed.

Life is a journey, a road of constant evolving and growth. Mine is full of good intentions but rich in mistakes along the way. Isn’t that true for all of us? Gods mercy and grace have shown me through my trials how strong we can be if we just look to him. We are all imperfect and fall short. I believe everyone deserves to be adored and seen through the love of christ. I try to give grace and keep an open heart. Everyone has a story, a journey and a message that can be used for good. As is yours to others. I feel sad for judgmental souls, its just hurtful. With Jesus as my savior, life is full of purpose, hope and in his glory. I will share his good news and love on people along the way. God’s grace and promises are precious gifts.

I am and will continually be a work in progress...believing in the journey… not perfection, nor destination.

I am a homeschooling mama of 3. I spend my days loving on my people, growing, teaching, nurturing and sometimes simply tolerating my sweeties. Trying my best to live in the present and with intention. I stay completely busy with those responsibilies and yet am always in the middle of a DIY project and run my business. Sometimes I have it together... and at others I'm just working the puzzle one piece at a time ;-)

We are a family that plays together. Anything recreational outdoor: exercise, sports, camping, boating, canoeing, etc. Love it all, but not cold weather activities. I'm a southern girl that doesn't mind the heat and hates the cold. We love music and go to concerts and live shows as often as possible. Entertaining and spending time with friends and family are priceless. I feel that lifes moment are precious and should be experienced fully in the raw. Shared with those close to you in personal ways, not on large social platforms. So you won't find much about me personally out there. 

Sunsets are one of my favorite things. I feel Gods presence in those beautiful southern skies.

I adore old furniture & rustic accessories. The unexpected use of things for design and decor as well as being functional. My style is very casual, inviting & eclectic. I love layers of soft colors and tones, textures and personal elements that draw you to look a little closer. 

Things like distressed finishes, paint chipping off, layers missing, and reclaimed wood make me swoon.

The process of taking ordinary furniture and creating something beautiful and unique just thrills me.

A glimpse at my sweet family and BEST creations...