Closing up and new adventures...

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to share an update as it's been awhile and really I only post when I have some news ;-)

The time has come that I bid farewell to my furniture business. At least for now, who know what the future holds...

I say this with complete peace and even a smile on my face. It has taken me time to get here and be certain of my feelings of what I’ve been searching for. God is so faithful friends. I know I say this again and again but is there ever too much of it? He is so good!

Many things have changed in my life over the last couple of years. My family and children are growing. I am completely in love with them and homeschooling which was something I never set out to do but if you know me when I’m in, I’m ALL in and this my friends takes a lot of my time and efforts. Just when I got the last little off to kindergarten and thought ok, let's do this business thing big since they are all officially in school and on the same schedule which lets be honest was something I dreamed about for years…! I was ready to jump into the next phase of life with my business and so on. Oh but God had plans of his own (isn't he wonderful like that). He saw me fit for something else. Calling me ever so boldly and with conviction to do something way outside of my wheelhouse. He placed stirrings and desires in me to travel, experience, serve and live with intention and presence for my family differently than what I had known. I honestly wanted to take hold of our life creating more flexibility and freedom to do what we need and long for. He placed matters in my heart that changed my plans. Life is so precious. It is tender, fleeing, hard, vulnerable, real, challenging and oh so beautiful. I see peoples lives affected daily by unplanned issues, hardship, tragedy and circumstances. We all take too much for granted, I know I do. My heavenly father has been wooing me for some time, big changes, the kind that scare you, make you question, push you past your comforts and excite you about possibilities. I want to be more a yes now kind of soul. Planning, list, order and organization, these are all comforts to me. I live in those spaces and need things to be within boundaries and guidelines. I thrive in routine and consistency. I play it safe far more than I want too because well its safe…

I long for whats next… I know what some of those things are and others well he will have to expose them at his will. I do know I want to be obedient and willing in what he calls me for. We have to remain confident and believe he will equip us. 

With all the changes in my home and life over the last while its become very clear to me that I no longer hold passion for my business and what it requires/demands of me. Home furnishings, furniture and all those things still excite me and I love them but running a business that requires you in every aspect and especially one that has production just isn’t where I want to be any longer. It has been great fun and something I never expected or saw myself doing almost 10 years ago when I was leaving real estate deciding to just be mama and have more babies. The blessings and growth I have experienced over the years of my furniture businesses have been amazing and will always be cherished. But it's time. I've known this for a while and just wasn’t ready to let go. We all know as one door close another opens. I am an optimist at heart and always try and look for the good in what is versus what isn’t. I am relieved to finally put this out there and take the steps to close down this business and gear my efforts to my other callings in this season of life and motherhood.  Friends its different for each of us, there is no no wrong or right perfect or precise way it needs to go. We are all uniquely designed and created. We love differently, serve differently, parent differently, communicate differently and need different things for fulfillment. It does not need to look the same as someone else's. We are called to various things along the way as we journey through this side of heaven.  

I sincerely from the bottom of my heart want to say thank you for coming along side me over the years and being supportive and kind along the way. What a sweet and special community I have been part of. The relationships, conversations, and sharing have been such a beautiful part of it and I am grateful.

I will keep this site open and possibly be transferring it in the new year to a blog with all things home and maybe even some lifestyle elements. Still not sure on where exactly I'm going with it 😉

Much love and gratitude to you all. Thank you for being part of my journey. May you seek your hearts desires and Gods will in and through you. Grace and peace. ~ Danielle

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God.

Ephesians 2:8