Retail store closing...

Hello lovelies,

I have some news and upcoming changes that I want to share with you.

The RETAIL STORE is closing and moving out of the shop space on Long Lane at the end of February, BUT Simply Farmhouse is still in full swing with lots of great things ahead. The short of it is that we do mostly custom business and special orders, and our business model just isn't conducive for me to run a retail shop as well at this time. There is just so much that comes along with that. Our space had many logistical challenges last year and if I'm being transparent it was just too much... The stress, the expense and so much more. There were many challenges along the way but unexpected gifts as well. We learned so much this year and watched our business grow and take on new opportunities, turn corners, reach specific goals, fall short on others, and I couldn't be more proud. It's taken me weeks to come to a final decision to let go of the retail. It hasn't been without emotional struggle, searching, and prayer to feel confident that I know where I am suppose to be and do with my business. I am so grateful for all we encountered this last year. I am really excited to take back my schedule, hopefully with a better balance of work and family and where I personally want to be in this season. 

Being able to let go of the demand that having a retail store requires honestly is very comforting to me. Still, there are a few things I will miss greatly! I love and thrive on the socialization aspect of it. I can't tell you the fun its been to encounter on any given day unexpected people coming in with amazing conversations and the connections that happen. Playing shop is a lot of fun too, staging, styling and creating... but if only it was that simple right?

You guys have been so amazing to me as I have taken my dreams and piece by piece turned them into a reality. I give you my sincerest thanks and gratitude for all of the love and support. I am so excited for this year and for continuing to serve you with beautiful handmade real wood furnishings, and of coarse all the vintage and antique items I get my hands on as well.

The studio will be out of my home and by appointment only. I look forward to the times ahead with my clients continuing to design, consult and creating your one of a kind furniture! The website gallery will be kept even more up to date with current pieces for sale and custom order options, so be sure to check in often.

The best support is to have your continued referrals, word of mouth, and social sharing.

With sincere thanks.