a place called home...

I love to do client consultations and decorating. Talking, planning, shopping and bringing a room or home together to fit a clients hopes is so much fun. I’m frequently asked questions about how I make decisions and get my inspiration. I thought a quick post about my general preferences and guidelines may be enjoyed.


Home is a tiny word for such a important place. That word means so much. For all of us, its where we want to feel happy, protected and comfortable. Its a place where you draw strength and feel your most authentic self. Your sanctuary to relax and just be. More importantly, where the most precious memories are made and your best work is done. Celebrating with friends and family, raising your children... Some of the most important acts and moments in our lives go on within these walls we call home.

The thing to remember in creating your personal space is having it be practical and lived in as well as looking beautiful yet feeling relaxed. How do you live?

Function is always the most important part of any space. If it doesn't do what you or your family wants it to, then it wont ever feel truly comfortable. It will also never be fully used,and whats the point of that? Many of us spend our lives paying for our home, and the reward is that we should be able to live and breathe in every part of it. 


For me collecting objects that others in the past have loved, weather or not you knew their owners, and making those things special in your life is good for the soul. The age and imperfections give such pieces all the more character. This shows in my furniture with the finishes and how aged they are but also my accessories and displays. Old books with ripped off spines, aged flowers, old wood bowls, baskets, antiques bottles, pieces of metals like a vintage fan or box. Random items displayed just so, show character and creativity. Wouldn't you rather be seen as that and not just a set of prints carried in off a store shelf. Let your space tell a store about you. We are all flawed, cracked, and broken in tiny spots, but these imperfections are also what make us unique, one of a kind and real. I think this is what brings us comfort to each other, vulnerability and connection. Let your home represent all the pieces of you and your family. These are things to be celebrated not hidden away as though its perfection... just perfectly you.


I love bringing in elements form outdoor with muted tones, color pallets, and textures. It naturally provides me comfort because I love nature so much. Whatever you admire or love, display it and share it with others. Don't worry about trying to find the right matching set of wall art and perfectly coordinating items... Have fun mix and matching various small tables, stools, baskets, etc. Make your own displays on your walls that represent you and what you like. Pictures of things you adore weather it family, animals, barns, nature, geography, old signs.... it doesn't matter just start looking for ways to display and share it. These rules apply weather you prefer shabby chic, vintage, rustic, simple, or modern. You still need to mix old with new and different elements of texture, color and history to mix it up. 

Start with the small things then you can really add individuality and uniqueness to your home through an architectural point. Adding plank walls or ceilings. Wood beams and arches, baton, reclaimed wood, built ins, old doors bring tons of character to doorways. 

So many of these things are actually DIY projects that are very budget friendly and can get you the looks you love at reasonable prices. With Pinterest and so many online resources now, there are no reasons to not go for it and be creative in your space.

There are absolutely no rules to follow when putting your home together. Be adventurous and shun convention and be inspired by your surroundings.

Above all, be true to yourself and fall in love with what you create.

~ Blessings to you all


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