There are many fun things about the work I do. Something that I never tire of is a great restoration job. Personally I like to restore things to a “new” old finish. There are many terms said now of furniture refinishing: painting, repurposing, refinishing, distressing, antiquing, glazing. I think they all apply differently depending on what your doing. There are lots of options and are not all created equal. When I first started, I simply would paint furniture to get it a fresh look with maybe some light distressing along the edges, through some poly on it and call it refinished!

And thats a great great way to reuse and make something fun again that you have. I'm always telling people go for it, don’t be afraid to do it, its ok if its not perfect, you didn’t like it as is anyway…

I took to this process very naturally and literally could not stop practicing, learning and always researching. I love to look for new methods, products and opportunities to learn and go deeper with my skills. I wanted to master the art of really making a piece look as old and unique as possible without taking away form the authentic beauty and character of the antique furniture.

As my business has grown and developed I now get the choice in which jobs and pieces I take on. As you all know we focus mostly on our own furniture line and promote that heavily but I do interior decor as well and still restore pieces whenever I get a request for one that I can’t deny. As inquiries about furniture painting come in I refer them out to friends that offer those services because I simply can’t do them all. I have to focus my efforts where they are best rewarded. With me having three divisions in my company…FURNITURE. RESTORATION. DESIGN  when I get a great opportunity to take a old piece and do something beautuful it so much fun! Often I give them back to the client with our getting before and afters because I don’t want to mess with staging them etc. I'll try to do a better job of sharing those more often. 

I just finished these two beauties recently and are in awe of how wonderful they turned out. I think sometimes pictures say it all. 

The first is a early 1900's table that a client purchased locally form a retail shop and while they loved the character of it and that it was the perfect size for their space because they need a long yet slender table. The finish was a bit undesirable. So they did the smart thing... snagged it up and called me :-) I knew instantly how this should look. Classic and simple. I think it turned out gorgeous and it compliments her lovely home beautifully. Plank walls, wood floors, white farmhouse style and lots of open window light streaming in. IN LOVE with this and can't wait to see how she styles it with chairs and decor to make it hers.

This dresser is a great example of thinking outside of the box. It actually was quite pretty in its original state. The wood wasn't in real bad shape, just needed the top refinished and could have been a beautiful addition to a room but still a tad unexciting for some preferences. A heavy chippy finish was just perfect to give character and showcase the beautiful wood accents as well. A classic painted base and stained top are always a winning combo.

With a size piece like this, uses are limitless. Dresser, buffet, entry table, entertainment console... I just love how this piece now demands attention as you enter the room. It certainly does not blend in and get looked over :-)

I just love getting to create beautiful furniture that has already lasted generations and with new life will for many more! If you have a wonderful piece from the past that could use a little tlc then give me a call :-) Why don't we have fun and take a look at before's ...