sweet salvation...

I sit and marvel this morning…

Sitting on my porch swing wrapped in flannel peering out onto this stunning fall landscape that surrounds me and I meditate on the gloriousness it holds.

Only God could create nature in its perfect form. So simple in what it actually needs too live, grow and thrive yet complex in the changes it undergoes during each season and transformations.

It reminds me to connect the lines and see how we are in his design. I adore the fall trees all around me…

This morning I am in awe. My heart is full of unexpected and pure joy. One of my most dear and precious friends accepted Jesus last week. She said yes to all he has for her and desires his living holy spirit to lead and guide her forward. In an instant she is set free, filled up and completely embraced by Gods grace and she feels it. It has taken hold of her with the most power. Yet again confirmation that God does all in his own timing.

This friend is so loved, so wonderful and so lovely. She has been prayed over more than she will ever know by many. Not because she “needed it”. Her heart is gold. She loves so well and pours into those around her with light and positivity. But we all have voids we try to fill. Holes and gaps that can only be healed from the peace of salvation. Doesn’t matter how good your intentions or what your hurts, your choices, your wrong doings, weather you did or had done to you, your journey is yours alone and unfolds to form your testimony. When all the hurt finally becomes ok because you know…There is such power in that.

I feel so electric right now, like truly charged and buzzed from what she is encountering with God. Sitting before her, knee to knee, hand in hand, tears flowing so freely, sobs escaping our lips in rejoice, prayer, praise and awe. I just can’t put into words the power in his presence when we let the lord into our hearts. I knew this day would come, I prayed it, I believed him for it and I patiently waited. What a beautiful life changing encounter to witness. I love her with all my heart. I am so proud and excited for all to come and her boldness in claiming her identity in Christ.

Children have such a childlike faith. They trust, they take your word, they believe the stories, its all lovely in their minds and hearts…

But life, oh how life and satan fight to take that very thing from us every day. All these hard things happen. Hard, impossible, hurtful things that turn a belief from once upon a time into skepticism, unbelief, bitterness, and resentment. But our father never gives up, never stops trying to bring us back to him. He is delicate, merciful, loving, patient and constant. He waits for us, he works on us and then shows us when its time to return with that complete faith and promises it can be strong enough to carry us through any and all things that will come our way. He is unshakable, as are we when we are with him.

So back to these glorious trees.


I sit and observe the bold vivid colors changing, the lingering of green leafs still resisting the change and holding on. The vast difference in shapes, size, color, and details on each little leaf that makes up that big beautiful tree. I think of the layers within us, the depths, the colors, the constant changes. I see leaves falling and swirling gently in the air before they find a resting place on the ground below upon many others of its kind. I see shedding, rebirth, and growth. I see beauty, promise, opportunity. I see that they are pieces and layers falling away and preparing for something anew and wonderful just ahead in the months to come. I see that they are connected to strong branches that hold the weight of it all and allow these changes to happen. Soon they will be bare and naked in the winter months. Completely vulnerable and exposed. Often that’s exactly how we have to be in order to receive change.They are attached to the foundation of that trunk and roots that are so deep that it holds true to what it claims will be and will come. And it allows the changes to happen, without resistance. It sheds its layers and stands strong in the hearty winter season in anticipation and preparation for what is ahead. It is promised. In the spring to come I will witness the changes then too of the renewal, regrowing and freshness in new life on those branches full of green and richness for that next season. This isn’t a one time thing. It happens year after year. Seasons continue to come and go, full of change but you count on that right. It will happen, it will come and it must be prepared.


We have to look for these things, otherwise we rot, we get infested with disease  that will eat us up from the inside of our trunk and extend over through our branches and limbs. This happens in nature, in some trees and it certainly happens in us.

I sit in awe this morning of Gods mighty works. I thank him for showing me in the simple beauty of these trees and the correlation.  For this season of my friend with her new identity in Christ. I think him for the season I am in which has been a journey all its own. I am renewed, refreshed and totally inspired. I am ready to shed what needs to be let go. My heart feels like it will explode with happiness for my “beloved” friend and all she has to come. I myself walked a path so similar to hers. I will never forget the day I found my salvation and made my choice several years ago. All the days that follow and amount of growth, favor and blessings that abound. I tell her, it changes EVERYTHING. You will see… and it reminds me to pursue our father even more. To go deeper, further and be more intentional than ever. Never stop growing, never loose the zest and passion for his glory. Life happens, we all have seasons, we all get complacent, we all have challenges, struggles. But there is so much goodness and always much to be thankful for living in a place of praise because it all comes from him and to him be the Glory.

Coming into November and thanksgiving I can find so many reasons to celebrate and be thankful. I look forward to making this a focus for the coming weeks but must we remember its at all times we should feel such gratitude, and we must share it. I am thankful for his gifts and mercies that are new every day. I am thankful for my friends salvation. Praise GOD!

Colossians 3:15-17

And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

With love~Danielle